We celebrated my mom’s big 5-0 last weekend. What a fabulous number for an absolutely fabulous woman! Throughout my childhood, she was always decorating for weddings, birthdays and anything else that needed an artful and unique touch.

My mom is, by far, the most creative person I know, which can often cause some anxiety when planning creative events for her. For this party, it was extremely important for me to design and create imaginative invites…by hand. Dun dun dunnnnnnn. For the theme of the party, I had planned a huge backyard party at my house – 50 is a big deal, after all! But when I called and asked what she wanted, she requested something small and intimate. She also had a few specific requests: the color pink, Italian cuisine, immediate family and carrot cake.

I had to obey my mom’s wishes. She was the birthday girl (and my mom!) after all. I created the 5×7 invites with Photoshop and printed them on photo paper. I knew my mom would be happy that I brought out the scrapbooking cutter and matted the invites on black cardstock. (So fancy, huh?) Email me if you would like an editable version. I’m happy to share with you!


All birthday queens need a fabulous cake with pink candles, and my mom is no exception. I made carrot cake from scratch, filled it with cream cheese frosting, topped it with cream cheese frosting mixed with walnuts, and voila! A cake fit for a queen.


I created a few fun games for us to play at the table, and we spent the afternoon laughing and reminiscing over old photos.


It was a great party and everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you; here’s to another 50 years!