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It’s happening. Another one of us is taking the plunge. Wedding Bells for a close friend of mine and you know what that means—  Vegas, baby.

And as happy as I was for my friend and as excited as I was for a girl’s trip, my poor liver was absolutely terrified and counting down the days until doom. About 10 years ago, I would have considered myself a Vegas resident being that we were there practically every weekend. But now— I swear I had a different liver back then.

For this trip, we had several events planned for the weekend, hoping that we could all function enough to make them happen. Saturday evening my girlfriend and I planned the games and champagne in our room, so I wanted to share all of the fun details with you. (Who doesn’t love a champagne bar?)



These champagne bottles were easily assembled with only 4 items: Modge Podge, large gold glitter, ribbon and straws. Voila!

From what we remember, the naughty games and champagne were a hit. Thankfully we all survived the weekend and I am currently in recovery mode for the next week.

You got me Vegas. I don’t plan on coming back for another year—  or until I have a liver transplant.