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Avery is definitely on the move. As soon as your set her down in an open area, she runs away in the opposite direction with a high pitch scream like a bat out of hell. She has the biggest smile on her face and she is just so happy to be alive. This is amazing for a mother to watch; however, it is admittedly not the best for an amateur photographer who wants to take cute photos. It’s absolutely impossible to take a nice photo of a running toddler. That is a scientifically proven fact.

Temperatures were still in the high 90’s here in southern California, so it was hard to think of the fall in the heat – BUT since pumpkin season was technically upon us, I figured we would venture to the pumpkin patch. I was excited to finally use my new camera to get some candid photos. Since I knew my daughter would not stay still, I decided not to worry about the perfect photo or carefully matched shoes and outfit, and rather just enjoy our hot autumn day.

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As soon as we set Avery down in the sea of pumpkins, she was mesmerized. She played with the hay, felt every single pumpkin, and took breaks dancing to the music that blasted on the intercom. She was in HEAVEN. As luck would have it, the sun was perfectly lined up for a good photo and I was able to capture the pure joy on her face.

A magical train ride and a visit to the petting zoo wrapped up our day. My husband and I agreed – it was certainly a top 5 day for Avery! Happy fall!

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