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Hey, I’m Yvette! I’m a bacon loving, goat cheese craving, margarita drinking foodie who’s obsessed with tacos. Like, really obsessed. My formal culinary training has come in the form of watching my grandma make delicious meals in the kitchen and Googling recipes. Aside from kitchen-related things, I love to lose myself in horror flicks, escape with bubbly drinks and girlfriends, and shop for fabulous shoes. Watching football and playing tennis brings out the insanely competitive sides of both my husband and I, but we do it anyway.

Speaking of the husband, Bobby and I have been married for three years and will soon meet Baby Girl King – June 2016! We reside in sunny Long Beach, California with our adorable but pain-in-the-butt dogs, Molly and Mia. We enjoy traveling, but let’s be honest – about 75% of the reason we do it is to gorge on delicious cuisine from around the world! While we don’t agree on which destination is the best, Rome and Prague have been excellent places to engage in our two favorite activities: eating insane amounts of food and sightseeing

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Can I tell you one of the best things about my husband? He’ll eat anything I make. That man is my biggest supporter! Though eating in restaurants is easy and often delicious, I believe that after a long day, the most satisfying thing is a homemade meal. Maybe I sound 90 years old when I say that, but it’s true! My Grandma Tina is my continued source of inspiration in both the kitchen and in life. She is a strong woman of God and making tamales is her specialty. She epitomizes hospitality and love, and will feed anyone who walks through her door.

I created this blog because I love trying new, exciting recipes, experimenting with adventurous foods, and generally making a disaster in the kitchen. My best creations often result from many lessons in “what not to do,” and I’m here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you! Hopefully you will learn a little something from my mistakes and find recipes, tips, and tricks that will help you succeed in the kitchen. Recently, my blog has evolved from food to DIY crafts and event inspiration. Who doesn’t love a fabulous, well-decorated party?!?!?!

I read and appreciate every comment that I receive, so please, don’t hold back! You can also email me at Yvette [at} mycrownedcreations [dot] com. If you’re a social media lover like I am, you can like Crowned Creations on Facebook HERE or follow me on Instagram HERE.

One last little tidbit – between a full-time job and a growing a small human, there will be times that I need to take a week or two off from blogging. Don’t fear, though, I will always be back!

King (97)

Though you won’t get the last 10 minutes of your life back, I hope you enjoyed learning a few things about me. I’m super excited to share my kitchen creations with you.