California Desert Baby Shower


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I’m officially in the home stretch! Miss Tatum Olivia King should make her debut in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to complete our little family. The last month of pregnancy feels like an eternity but I am hanging in there!

This past weekend I was blessed with an incredible baby shower given by family and friends. I hope you enjoy all the details pictured below!

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Backdrop, Donut Wall, Custom name sign – Crowned Rentals
Custom Cookies – LottaTeats Cookie Company
Cake and Cupcakes – Taste of Art

Just the three of us (+1 in the oven!)


Did any of my fellow moms cry their eyes out when you came to the realization that your first baby would only be an only child for just a few short months more? That’s me. With the special help of pregnancy hormones, I cry right before bedtime thinking about Avery and how things are going to be so different after this baby comes.

I am excited for this next journey; however, I want to make sure I soak up as much 1-on-1 time as possible. So, when I found out one of my favorite photographers would be visiting Southern California, I knew I had to schedule a family session.






16 months is an incredibly eventful age…a few weeks ago we took Avery to the park and when it was time to leave she threw her entire little body on the sand while screaming this high pitched animalistic sound as we tried to pick her up to go home. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief and asked, ”Is this a temper tantrum?” Since then, we’ve experienced a few more temper tantrums and I have sent texts to my mom friends and family members for advice.

When we met with Paige, I warned her that there was a chance Avery would run as soon as we put her down to play in the sand. I don’t blame her, I would want to run and play in the sand without any interruptions too! Thankfully, Paige was super patient and knew just what to do to capture the perfect photos of just the three of us.







Happy December!



Photography // Paige Nicolle

My Favorite First Trimester Maternity Styles

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It’s that time of year again – the time when the buyers in Southern California don’t get the memo that it’s still 90 degrees and we CAN’T wear boots, sweaters, or scarves without melting to death by noon. This week it reached 100 degrees three days in a row. Yup, you heard me. And it’s the end of October.

Aside from dealing with the heat and growing a small human inside of me, I am also trying to find ways to dress up my little baby bump. It’s kind of that awkward time in the pregnancy where people don’t know if you are pregnant or just ate too many enchiladas the night before. In my case, it’s both! I have to wear maternity jeans because they are comfortable and easy on my growing belly. What they say about the second baby is true – your belly pops out much sooner than the first. I paired my Motherhood maternity jeans with a wine colored shirt and ankle booties for a summer/fall look. I paired this look with my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse (that’s the perfect size!).






If you are in a much, much cooler state you can add a leather jacket to complete the look. I’m excited to share some more looks with you as my bump gets bigger! Happy Fall!

PURSE  /  WATCH (similar)  /  BOOTIES  /  JEANS  /  SHIRT (similar)


Avery’s ONEderful Garden Party


Your daughter only turns one once, right? That’s what I kept telling myself during the planning of this event. My mom was known for throwing extravagant birthday parties for me (and was also the creative party planner behind hundreds of baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings.) I had to make her proud!

Picking a theme seemed to be rather challenging for me. She has a summer birthday – that could mean so many fun themes! I thought a flamingo themed party would be ideal, but then my husband made a good point: “what if she wants that theme when she is older and can invite her friends to the pool?” That question applied to the next theme I thought of – a mermaid theme, which would be perfect when she gets older. So then I thought to myself, “why does she need theme?” She’s one, and one is fabulous in itself! It could be a garden party with gorgeous flowers and gold everything.





rice crispy







time capsule




The backdrop I envisioned had to have lots of boxwood greenery and draping flowers. The sign was custom made by Happily ever Etched, who were an absolute joy to work with. They provided so many different options and helped me select the right one for this backdrop. All of the party details are listed below. I keep telling myself I won’t go this big for a birthday party again – but if my daughter is anything like me, she will have a vision of her own. As her mother, I MUST meet her every demand, right?!








watch me grow













I could not have done it without my team of helpers. Shout out to my mama, my awesome hubby, Grandma Ann, cousin Lani, auntie Annette and cousin Bridgette for lending their time to make this event absolutely ONEderful!



Photography: Thomas and Laci Photography
: Great Dane Bakery
Custom Wood “Avery” sign: Happily Ever Etched
Custom Wood Signs: Taste of Art
Cookies: Shannon’s Sweet Tooth
Custom floral number 1, Time Capsule Sheets, Cake toppers: Crowned Creations
High Chair: 4moms
Avery’s bow: Lennon & Co

Nursery Organization

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I mentioned in this post how I found and refurbished Avery’s dresser/changing table. After my first baby shower, I had to go through and sort all the adorable onesies she received from family and friends. I knew I wouldn’t have to shop for her for months, which was fantastic, but then came the challenge: how to organize everything so I could find it and actually use it. There is nothing worse than finding an adorable shirt that you were looking forward to her wearing, only to discover that it’s too late. One time I tried to force these cute little jeans on her and her poor thighs looked like they were screaming for air. If baby #2 is a girl she will have the cutest pants waiting for her.

I found these adorable storage bins at Target that fit perfectly into her dresser drawers. Three bins fit in each drawer and they allow me to separate the onesies by size. As she grows out of the clothes, I remove the onesies from the first drawer and shift everything to the left. I’ve done the same thing with her pants, however, I’ve noticed she grows out of the onesies muuuch faster than the pants. This technique has helped me so much, as I always know exactly what she has and I am able to dress her quickly.

organize (1 of 3)-2

As for her closet, all I needed were some dividers to separate by month. When she grows out of the size, I just pack the divider with the clothes I’m putting in storage. It’s an easy way to keep things organized – and any parent knows that organization is a key to sanity!

Nursery Organization


I will keep it real with you, though, and let you know that Avery’s drawers only look like this when I’ve actually picked up all the dirty laundry around her room, washed it, folded it neatly, and then proceeded to put it away IMMEDIATELY. If I don’t do it perfectly, in that order, and all in one day it never actually makes it in the drawer. Sometimes I leave it in the laundry basket folded and never actually put it away. That laundry basket becomes a mixture of clean and dirty clothes and then I find myself smelling each item to figure out what she can wear. The struggle is real!

I hope this post helps give you some ideas to stay organized.



Life with Avery: 10 months

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10 months?! How did this happen? I swear she was just born! So much has changed since my last update – such is life with a baby, I suppose!

Avery loves what she can’t have. I’m sure it doesn’t help that we say, “Avery, those are mommy’s sunglasses,” and “That’s daddy’s phone; please put it down,” but we can’t be perfect, can we? She looks at us with a mischievous little look and laughs. How is it possible that she’s mischievous already?!

Right now it’s allllll about textures. Whether it’s foods or the beach sand, she is learning to touch and eat everything. We try to hit the beach at least once a week. When you live 8 minutes away, there’s no excuse not to go enjoy it! Last time, she spent a good five minutes trying to figure out what this sand stuff was. At first she was just playing with it, but thankfully we caught her because she tried to figure out what sand tasted like!



She’s also learning to climb on things and pull herself up. This new climbing technique happened overnight and we had to lower the crib that morning to avoid falls! Now we can see her on the monitor holding the rail and dancing at random hours of the night -that girl’s got rhythm! She also likes to stand up and scoot her way across the couch. There’s so much movement happening these days!

My next update will be after her 1st birthday party. I’ll be honest and tell you right now – I’m going to be an emotional wreck. How do people deal with this?! I’m soaking up my days with this lil lady as much as I can.


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