Life with Avery: Bohemian Nursery


I’m absolutely thrilled that Inspired By This featured Avery’s nursery on their site! I’ve been a hardcore fan for so many years. And by fan, I mean a stalker who checks their website 3-4 times a day. In fact, a lot of Avery’s nursery inspiration came from their site.

Here is what I wrote to Inspired by This when asked about the inspiration for the nursery…

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (


“I wanted my daughter’s nursery to have a “Midsummer’s Night” inspired, dreamy and bohemian feel.

I had been researching and visualizing bohemian nurseries since I can remember, so I had plenty of idealistic pictures in my head. My husband and I had a long road to pregnancy, which made this process that much more special for us. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”



Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (


Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (


Avery’s room was absolutely spotless the day of the shoot. I wish I could say it stayed this clean, but that lasted for about 1 day. Now the usual is toys on the floor, laundry on her chair (because I’m too lazy to hang anything), and random socks lying everywhere. I’m glad I was able to capture at least one day of perfection! Creating a beautiful space for Avery to grow up in has been incredibly rewarding, and the recognition was a fantastic bonus!

Photography: Kaysen Photography
Crib: Evolur Sawyer 5-in-1 Convertible Crib
Rocking chair: Pottery Barn
Dresser: Refurbished Vintage find
Floral A: Crowned Creations
Piggy Bank: Tiffany & Co.
Dream sign (custom order): House of Belonging
White wall decor: Pier 1 imports
Bookshelf: Target 

Bow Tie Baby Shower Favors

Leave it to my mom to create a baby shower favor in less than an hour. The night before her friend’s baby shower, she got a phone call and was asked to create a small baby shower favor. I asked, “Mom, are you sure you have time? You don’t even have any supplies!” She calmly responded, “I have clear bags and paper; that’s all I need.”

She rummaged through her things and found twine, black and white paper, and clear bags. She printed these simple bow tie thank you tags and cut them out with her circle punch. Fast forward an hour and – voila!



Who doesn’t love to eat kettle corn? I deeefinitely never shovel handfuls of it into my mouth. These are the perfect little treat for your guests to take home. You simply need the following supplies:

White cardstock
Black cardstock
Kettle Corn
Clear bags

Hopefully these adorable little favors give you some inspiration for your next event!


Life with Avery: Pumpkin Patch


A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Insta feed and saw THE most adorable pumpkin patch photos on Hello Fashion. Her family looked exceptionally cozy in their fall scarves and tall winter boots. I immediately started looking for the perfect outfits for Avery’s first visit to the pumpkin patch.

Thennnn I remembered some crucial information – I live in southern California and the weather forecast called for a high of 90 degrees for the weekend. How was I supposed to pull off fall vibes with these temperatures? I thought if we went early enough we could beat the heat and the cool ocean breeze would magically make us feel like we were back East, watching the orange leaves fall and enjoying those brisk autumnal breezes with pumpkin-y drinks in hand. Great idea, right? WRONG. It was 80 degrees by 10am and I felt a little ridiculous wearing a long sleeved shirt and booties but hey, I really, reeeally wanted an enviable fall picture.

I may have been able to trick my daughter into dressing warmly; however, my husband wasn’t buying it. He woke up, put on his shorts and ball cap, and said, “I’m ready.” I didn’t see any purpose in arguing or attempting to explain my vision so I just went with it.

I’m totally obsessed with the color burgundy so I was pleased when I found Avery’s fall outfit at Carters.  There was one left in her size, so clearly it was meant to be. I hope the pictures are deceitful enough to make you think we are an adorable, pumpkin patch enjoying, fall loving family!

If you’re planning to take family pumpkin patch photos next year, check out my photography tips below!


I love all of the plaid in this photo!

My husband and his mini-me.


R.I.P. two of my favorite necklaces, Avery’s “new thing” is holding on to objects with her death grip like in the photo above. Goodbye jewelry!


A little advice for those of you wanting to achieve great pumpkin patch photos:

  1. Stick to neutral colors, the orange of the pumpkins and bright colored clothes creates a high contrast.
  2. Be patient. It make take several photos to get that perfect shot.
  3. Don’t “pose”. In the first photo, I just wanted to kiss her delicious cheeks and it ended up being my favorite shot. How can anyone resist those cheeks?!?!?


Life with Avery: Newborn Shoot

It. Is. Happening.

The newborn stage is officially behind us. I blinked and I suddenly have a baby girl who is talking, recognizing my face, and laughing daily. But let me tell you, I’m absolutely adoring every second of it!

Capturing these moments is important to me, so when Avery was just three weeks old, I couldn’t wait for Christian from Kaysen Photography to photograph her. The day and night before the scheduled shoot were utterly horrendous, though. I think I was running off of two hours of sleep when I called Christian and asked to reschedule. He was kind enough to push our shoot back a week.

The day finally came and, honestly, it felt a bit like the twilight zone. Avery was feeling mellow and photogenic bright and early in the morning. Christian is incredible at what he does; he knew exactly how to get the perfect shots. I am so grateful that he was able to capture this special time in our lives and I look forward to utilizing his talent in the future as well! The Little Umbrella featured Avery’s full shoot on their site but here are a few teasers below. For those of you that are interested, you can purchase the floral wreath HERE.

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (


Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (


Photography –  Kaysen Photography
Floral Wreath – Crowned Creations

Head over to The Little Umbrella to see the full shoot!



Bohemian Baby Shower


My second shower was an absolutely perfect bohemian dream. Many of the pieces pictured below were handmade with love, which made it even more meaningful. From dream catchers to teepees to handmade paper flowers – everything felt like a dream come true. The dessert table was draped with luscious greenery, giving it an earthy feel, along with some unique vintage touches.

My mom and Aunt Patti worked tirelessly to make the bohemian theme, which was inspired by Avery’s nursery, come to life.. There were so many incredible images to choose from, but I hope the few pictures below reflect all the love and hard work that was put into this wonderful shower.

Untitled design (2)

Untitled design (3)

Untitled design (5)


Untitled design (27)


Untitled design (6)

Untitled design (8)
Untitled design (10)
Untitled design (9)


Untitled design (11)
Untitled design (12)

Untitled design (13)
Untitled design (14)

Untitled design (15)

Untitled design (16)


Untitled design (17)

Untitled design (18)
Untitled design (19)
Untitled design (20)

Untitled design (21)


Untitled design (22)

Untitled design (23)


Untitled design (24)


Untitled design (25)

Untitled design (26)


Vendor Credits:

Party Styling, Crafts & Favors: Future Grandma Becky and Aunt Patti
Photographer: Angela Mae Photography
Invitation, banners & tags: Crowned Creations
Cake: The Great Dane Baking Company
Mini desserts: Mama to be’s cousin
Cookies: Shannon’s Sweet Tooth
Drink recipes: Socially Tipsy


Dresser Makeover

Sometimes I look back longingly at the second trimester…you know, when I had absurd energy levels and felt like I could run a few marathons? Yeah, those were the good old days. Anyway, back in the second trimester, I was on the lookout for a dresser that I could convert into a changing table. Saving money and the desire for a unique project directed my path on this adventure!

I’m part of an online garage sale Facebook group for my area and people are constantly posting random items for sale. It’s convenient because you don’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining a permit, not to mention the actual day(s) when you have to wake up at the crack of dawn and deal with strangers all day! In these Facebook groups, you just snap a picture, decide on a price, and wait for the comments to (hopefully!) start rolling in. It’s quite addicting, really.

Sometimes I think I’m being very responsible and organized and only getting rid of unnecessary items, but when I add in the stuff I’ve purchased, it probably evens out. Better than only buying, though, right?!


I found this dresser for only $50! It was in great shape and just needed some TLC. The process was relatively painless, too. Want to make one yourself? You’ll need a good sanding block, Zinsser Primer (white pigmented water-based), and any water-based paint in an eggshell finish. You can also use a sealer like Polycrylic if you choose, however, I was happy with the eggshell finish. It’s up to you!

I spent about 30 minutes roughly sanding all the drawers and the dresser. I then wiped it clean and primed it thoroughly. Priming the dresser is the KEY to this project – don’t skimp on it! The following day, I painted two coats with a nice angled brush. If your finished product ends up showing any brushstrokes, you can always sand it to a smooth finish.

The final piece to this project is changing the hardware. I had two Home Depot gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, so I figured it was time to put them to good use. It ended up being a fun project, and although it was a bit of work, the end result was totally worth it! I am ridiculously proud of my handiwork and I’m sure you will be too!