“Will you be my bridesmaid?” Wine Box

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It’s happening. The woman who is my cousin, my friend, and Avery’s godmother is getting hitched next year. She was the person behind the dessert bar for Avery’s dedication and baby shower. She is incredibly talented and is one of the most hardworking people I know. Avery and I happily joined her wedding venue shopping in Augora Hills.

When you drive into the hills, it’s like you’ve entered Santa Barbara wine country. It’s luscious, green, and wonderfully breezy. I strapped Avery into her favorite carrier and we started to walk around the premises. It didn’t take long for her to say, “This is the one!” We were escorted to the bridal suite, where we sat down and begin to work through our somewhat absurd list of 100 questions.

The amateur photographer in me checked out every window in the bridal suite. The gorgeous sunlight peeking through was blissful – now I just need to lose 25lbs before this wedding!


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After touring the venue, we decided to head to Los Agaves Mexican Grill for a quick bite to eat. When we arrived at the table, I was greeted by a large wine box with a wine colored ribbon tied around it. After ordering delicious fajitas and a margarita, I sat down with Avery and caved in to my curiosity of what was in the box. I soon discovered a gorgeous bottle of wine with a custom-made tag that said, “Yvette, will you be my bridesmaid?” Of course I said yes! Next to the wine was a lovely nail polish, a custom stemless glass with my name on it, and paint chips in the colors of the wedding.

Ladies, there is no better way than to say, “Will you be bridesmaid?” than with a bottle of wine. Am I right?! These wine boxes are the perfect gift to add some love and uniqueness to your request for bridesmaids! Next on my list is to start planning the most epic bridal shower EVER. More details to come, of course!

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Bachelorette Fun

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It’s happening. Another one of us is taking the plunge. Wedding Bells for a close friend of mine and you know what that means—  Vegas, baby.

And as happy as I was for my friend and as excited as I was for a girl’s trip, my poor liver was absolutely terrified and counting down the days until doom. About 10 years ago, I would have considered myself a Vegas resident being that we were there practically every weekend. But now— I swear I had a different liver back then.

For this trip, we had several events planned for the weekend, hoping that we could all function enough to make them happen. Saturday evening my girlfriend and I planned the games and champagne in our room, so I wanted to share all of the fun details with you. (Who doesn’t love a champagne bar?)



These champagne bottles were easily assembled with only 4 items: Modge Podge, large gold glitter, ribbon and straws. Voila!

From what we remember, the naughty games and champagne were a hit. Thankfully we all survived the weekend and I am currently in recovery mode for the next week.

You got me Vegas. I don’t plan on coming back for another year—  or until I have a liver transplant.

Engagement Photos

A BIG THANK YOU to Angela Mae Photography for taking these beautiful pictures! I had to get all three animals groomed and ready, including my fiancé. 
It was a lot of work, but everything came out great! I knew the dogs were going to be challenging, and I couldn’t have done it without Bobby’s cousin Natalie.
 Thank god for her patience, expertise, and that squeaky toy!

I did a 12 day juice cleanse and I couldn’t wait for these pictures to be done so I could eat SOLID food. It’s amazing how much of a monster you can turn into when you’re hungry…just ask Bobby, he has firsthand experience!

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Thank you to my future father in law for his beautiful bus. It’s in PERFECT condition.
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Cheers babe! (no food + champagne = cheap date)

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We had a fabulous time, and after the session we went to 320 Main to celebrate – and most importantly, to EAT! If you contact Angela for photography, don’t forget to mention my name! I will post some wedding stuff next. Spoiler alert: I am making a lot of things myself to save money. T-minus 4 months until the BIG DAY!

Happy Holidays

I am so sad that I have neglected my blog. More like abandoned…whoops.

So many amazing things have happened this year! I got engaged, I got a new job, we bought our first home, we added a new addition to the family, and I turned 27. CRAZY.

I am so blessed and I know God has an amazing plan for me and my family. This holiday season has been extra crazy, though. I have planned my wedding since I was a little girl and now that it’s actually here, all I want to do is take a big NAP. Thankfully, I have an amazing fiancé who loves me to death and tells me everything is going to work out juuuust fine.

One of my goals for 2013 is to blog twice a month. Hold me to it! I miss you Blog, I really do.

Happy Holidays!

Love, Yvette


Photo: Angela Mae Photography